A combination of Physiotherapy with Hydrotherapy can be a very powerful rehabilitation package, both therapies enhancing one another. VIP Vet Physio has a close association with Hydro Mac, owned by Katrina Shearlaw. Katrina holds the ABC Level 3 Certificate Hydrotherapy for small animals. Katrina and I will liaise regularly to ensure that your pet has the best possible holistic management programme.

HydroMac offers a Hydro Physio Underwater Treadmill (UWTM), with an extra-long and wide chamber to cater for long striding dogs and can be inclined to allow for uphill walking.

UWTM Hydrotherapy can play an important role in your dog’s rehabilitation by providing reduced and controlled weight bearing exercise and low impact cardiovascular exercise. It can also provide general fitness and conditioning work outs, weight reduction programmes, and maintenance programmes for elderly dogs.

Each dog is individually assessed and according to their needs at the time of treatment the parameters of the UWTM are chosen:

  • Water  depth can be set to target increased range of movement at specific  joints
  • Deeper water provides more buoyancy to off load sore joints
  • Deeper water slows body displacement to assist dog’s with balance problems
  • Deeper water offers more resistance for muscle strengthening.
  • Shallow water provides a greater proprioceptive challenge
  • Speed of treadmill belt can be altered to increase/ decrease stride length
  • Hydrostatic pressure of the water around a joint when exercising increases venous return to help resolve swelling.
  • Hydrostatic pressure of the water stimulates proprioceptive receptors which increases your dog’s body awareness.