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Physiotherapy for cats

Cats are natural athletes and have an inquisitive nature. This can lead them into hazardous situations which can result in muscular strains, or tendon or ligament injuries due to mistiming jumps, falls or collisions. Veterinary physiotherapy can relieve pain and promote the healing of these soft tissue injuries

Cats also sustain wounds and injuries from cat fights. Wounds, especially those caused by bites, are susceptible to bacterial infection and abscess formation. Laser therapy is particularly useful in resolving infection and promoting healing

Cat laser therapyMajor Inuries

Sadly cats are frequent victims of both road traffic accidents and malicious attacks, which result in major orthopaedic and neurological injuries.  Veterinary physiotherapy plays a vital role in their rehabilitation following serious injury including spinal injuries and limb amputations.

Rehabilitation from these assaults will consist of treatment programs including proprioceptive training, exercise and movement therapy, and home programs which will be individually designed to retrain the lost movement patterns. Red light laser can also be utilised to promote the healing of soft tissue damage, especially in the closing of large areas of skin loss. Blue light laser can be utilised to assist in the anti-bacterial treatment of contaminated wounds and pulsed electromagnetic energy can be used to hasten bony repair following fractures.

Curious cat

Cat post surgery treatment

Elderly Cats:

As cats age, their joints become worn and stiff.  If you have noticed your cats finding it difficult to jump up onto high surfaces, or if they have lost muscle bulk around their hind quarters, it’s likely that they have some degree of osteoarthritis.  Veterinary physiotherapy can be invaluable in the management of the elderly cat, providing pain relief and maintaining strength, mobility and independence.

Expert advice is always available to assist owners in the general management of their cats and in ways to encourage their cats to co-operate with home treatment programs which will be an essential part of most treatment packages.

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In accordance with the law, veterinary consent is needed before I can treat any animal. You can download a referral form and health check form in Word format from the links below.

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